We are NuNeon!

NuNeon is an IT Consultancy on a mission to improve the performance and effectiveness of Nigerian businesses by enhancing their processes with the right technological tools.

With your business idea, our experienced team can assist you in the idea conceptulization stage aswell as the prototyping and product development stage.

With existing businesses, we can analyze your current processes and come up with solutions to give you maximum efficiency, security and transparency.

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What we do

Graphics Design
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IT Consulting
Let NuNeon help you design your product to be in line with your business for maximum returns!
Web Development
From conception to design and deployment, we help you build a website that will surely capture the attention of prospective clients.
Mobile development
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Control your Project with NPM

NPM (Neon Project Manager) is our very own project management platform designed to give you more control and visibility over your project. With NPM, you can view the status of project tasks and milestones as well as share files and documents with the project team.

  • Task Management
  • File Sharing
  • Project Timeline
  • Technical Support Tickets
  • and much more!
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